Go Dance Country Performance Team
Go Dance Country Performance Team

We could tell you that teams are a great way to start a new dance adventure, refine your lead/follow skills, and bond with other folks who love dancing… but we would rather let our performance team members and coaches share their thoughts with you! Read on to see what moves them, and if you’re ready to take the next steps, learn more about teams here!

Anyone with a few months of partner dance experience is welcome to join. If you are looking to dabble in performance or take your dancing to the next level, joining a team is a great way to do it! You get to learn fun, flashy choreography while improving your dance technique and building friendships.

– Sarah Berens, Country Performance Team Coach

The camaraderie with all of the other dancers on the team has been great.  New friendships have been fostered, and existing ones strengthened.  And the amazing support from the Go Dance staff makes us feel like stars!

– Paul Benson, Team Member

We spent many long hours learning, practicing, and perfecting every nuance of our routine under the guidance of world-class professional dancers (Sarah and David!)… The results were the sense of accomplishment, pride, confidence, and the fun and joy every single one of us felt at our performances!  The benefits of learning to hold dance frame, express musicality while remaining cohesive in a group, and engaging the audience without fear, have carried through in other areas outside the performance team.

– Mary Liz Boston, Team Member

It makes me a better dancer because, as part of a team, I know I need to know the routine and be able to perform it. If I don’t, I’m out of sync with the rest of the team. So it makes me up my game… We practice together, share our experiences, laugh, pump each other up, etc. It’s more fun than just partner dancing.”

– John Anderson, Team Member

I look forward to continuing with the Country team and the friendships we created over the past five months… It is just plain fun. We are beyond social dancing, but not at the stress level of competition. At the end of the day we can feel that we were a part of something special.

– Mike Sanchez-Navarro, Team Member

I really love watching the routine come to life. Everyone contributes so much to the group. I really enjoy combining their unique talents to make a dynamite group collaboration. The growth I see in every team member throughout the session is truly outstanding and inspiring. I can’t wait for 2016!

-Sarah Berens

Want to see for yourself what it’s all about? Check out upcoming performance team opportunities here!

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