Swing 2 Group Class at Go Dance

Swing 2 Group Class at Go Dance

Our group class schedule is getting a makeover! Visit the class schedule page and tab ahead to the week of August 29th to see the new schedule that begins in session 9.

In addition, every genre of the dance world (Country, Swing, Ballroom, Latin , etc.) is always evolving. Dancing is a living, breathing art that adapts to changes in music, the size of venue floors, the flow of crowds, and both global and local trends. At Go Dance, we are constantly evaluating what is going on in the dance world at large, and specifically in Austin, to ensure the classes we offer (and the syllabi we create) are relevant and useful. With that in mind, we are excited to share these upcoming updates to our group class program.

Salsa Program Transitioning to On2

Salsa is danced with several different timings, with the pattern structure remaining the same but the rock steps occurring on different counts in the music. On2 has overtaken On1 as being the most popular timing for advanced dancers because it makes the steps match the rhythmic instruments in traditional salsa music better. Go Dance has taught most of our Salsa classes On1 up until now. Starting in August, we will be transitioning our entire Salsa program to On2.

Our level 1 classes will be taught On2 in August, and levels 2, 3, and 4 will be taught On2 beginning in with Session 9 on August 29. You do not need to retake levels you have completed; instructors in each level will address the transition. With this change, the foundation you learn at Go Dance can take you as far as you want to go; whether that’s dancing in a local club or performing at salsa congresses.

One Step Gets New Syllabus and Level Three

Our One Step syllabus for levels 1 and 2 has been updated with fun new material that really embodies the feel and style of the dance currently. We’ll start teaching the new syllabus beginning with August Session Eight. (August 1). And, as many of you have requested, we will add a One Step level 3 class, beginning in Session 9 (August 29). You don’t need to retake levels you have completed, but you are welcome to if you wish to learn new transitions in and out of common patterns.

New Class: Country Swing Starting in September

Country Swing is one of the most popular dances at The White Horse, Broken Spoke and many other local venues. This dance uses a six-count “QQSS” basic in closed position and a four-count “QQQQ” timing in open position and turn sequences. Country swing is well-suited for dance floors which are small or crowded.

New Class: Zouk Starting in September

Zouk is a flowy dance gaining popularity worldwide with Salsa and West Coast Swing dancers alike. If you’ve learned the basics in the workshops we’ve offered over the past year, feel free to jump right into level 2.

Ballroom Classes

Beginning in September, our Ballroom program will be transitioning to incorporate the core smooth dances (Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango) in a single class, and the core rhythm dances (Cha Cha, Rumba and East Coast Swing) in a single  class. This way, you can learn all the basics needed to go Ballroom dancing and continue to add variety to what you know in just two classes a week.

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