Mylie was born in Austin, Texas and raised in the tiny town of Greenville located in Northern California. Looking for more excitement than the mountains and trees could offer, she returned to Austin in 1994; she found what she was looking for in 1996 when she signed up for a Swing class with some friends. Mylie immediately fell in love with dancing for its combination of artistry and technicality. She joined a teacher training class after just a month of classes and was teaching full-time within one year.

One of Austin’s top instructors for many years Mylie competed in the Country Western and West Coast Swing circuits with several professional partners as well as in pro/am with her students, winning several top teaching awards. Mylie became co-owner of Go Dance in 1998, and became the sole owner in 2001 at the tender age of 23. Under Mylie’s leadership Go Dance has grown to having two locations: North Austin and South Austin. With the demands of running the largest social dance studio in Austin, it’s rare to see her teaching these days, though she loves it when she can find the time!

“I love that dancing brings so much joy to people in so many different ways. It’s all so encompassing, physical, and emotional. It connects people with others, and stretches us all in different ways.”

Mylie is very passionate about creating an amazing, fruitful learning experience for her students and a wonderful employment experience for her staff. Mylie truly loves dance and she enjoys hearing about how dance has positively impacted students’ lives. Mylie is honored to be part of your experience, so be sure to give her feedback when you see her! When Mylie isn’t at Go Dance, she is spending time with her son Daxton, and daughter Cecily, hiking, swimming, and whipping up delicious meals with farmers market ingredients.