Jake was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up, he spent eight years training in percussion, as his mother was a band director. His natural affinity for rhythm and passion for music would only aid his musicality as a future dancer. As a result of Jake’s great hand eye coordination, he also had a special knack for juggling various objects. It wouldn’t be long until he added partner dancing to his plethora of talents.

Years ago, a girl convinced Jake to give partner dancing a try. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with dance. He joined the University of Texas Ballroom Dance Club and soon began competing as an amateur. Jake relates his training in percussion to the technical finesse, creativity, and rhythm that Ballroom dancing requires. He started out learning the International Latin dances Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, and Jive and later added Swing and Salsa into the mix. Socially, Jake loves dancing West Coast Swing because of the improvisational freedom the dance allows; he enjoys spinning his partner and getting to spin as a leader too! The Ballroom dances, however, will always remain his favorites. As an admitted perfectionist, Jake enjoys the competitive aspects of dance, and he agrees with his band director that “Being good is fun.” In other words, Jake enjoys the challenge of striving for excellence for the sake of being excellent. In 2012, he was excited to further pursue his dancing career by attending Go Dance’s instructor training. Jake has been teaching ever since, and he is currently competing in the Country circuit with Go Dance instructor Tess Dunn.

“The strength that is required to make Ballroom dances look truly beautiful is surprising, and the idea that you can make something so challenging look so effortless is very exciting to me!”

As an instructor, Jake enjoys sharing the passion of dance with his students and keeping things fun, while also focusing on technique. Thanks to his musical background, he has a special ability to help students find and isolate specific rhythms through movement. He loves seeing his students progress throughout each stage of the learning process. He enjoys interacting with his students in general, whether it be chatting about a compelling topic or dancing. You’ll always see Jake with a smile, and who knows, you might even catch him juggling!

Specialties: Country, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Competitive Students

Teaches: Adults, Youth, Country, Ballroom (American and International styles), West Coast Swing, Lindy, Blues, Salsa

Private Lesson Tier: Senior Level Instructor

Locations: North Austin, South Austin

DVIDA Certifications:

  • Bronze Smooth
  • Bronze Rhythm