Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a partner?

    No! The majority of our clients attend classes on their own, and we rotate partners throughout the class.

  • I’m attending with my partner. Do we have to rotate?

    In our experience, couples who rotate for at least part of the class learn more quickly. However, it is not required. If you prefer to not rotate, just hug your partner and step out of the line each time so that the other class participants know to move along to the next partner.

  • What level class should I go to?

    Level 1 classes are open to everyone and are designed for students with little or no dance experience. Levels two and above require instructor approval. Checkouts are offered the fourth week of each group class session and can also be done in your private lessons. If you have had previous instruction, we encourage you to schedule a free introductory lesson with one of our instructors to see which of our levels will be the best fit for you.

    Level 1: a one-session syllabus introducing the basic patterns and concepts of each dance. It is common for students to take two or more sessions of Level 1 to become proficient in the patterns and timing for each dance.

    Level 2: a four-session syllabus introducing a variety of popular social dance patterns. Most students attend Level 2 classes for several full syllabus cycles to build their repertoire and develop their lead/follow skills.

    Level 3: an eight-session syllabus that focuses on more difficult patterns, introduces additional styling and technique concepts, and continues to build your lead/follow skills. Most students attend Level 3 classes for several full syllabus cycles to master the fundamental concepts of a dance.

    Level 4: an ongoing syllabus where you’ll continue the lifelong journey of refining your lead/follow, technique and styling while learning today’s hottest dance moves.

    Advanced students are encouraged to continue attending lower level classes to practice fundamentals, and to cheer on the new dancers just getting started!

  • Do I need special dance shoes?

    Wearing street shoes is fine in the beginning. Shoes with smooth soles that will stay on your foot well even while taking a step backwards are preferable. Suede-soled dance shoes provide the perfect balance of slip and grip to make executing turns and other dance moves easier, and are available for purchase at both of our studios.

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