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We all want the young people in our lives to grow up to be happy, healthy adults who are successful both socially and in the business world. Partner dancing teaches a variety of skills that will benefit kids as they grow up and into adulthood.

1. Social Skills


Partner dancing requires communication between two people on multiple levels. Dance classes take kids out of the house and away from the screen and puts them face-to-face with another person. Working on a routine or even just doing lead/follow gives them a common goal and encourages teamwork and communication.

2. Posture, Poise and Confidence


We all know how important posture and body language are when making a first impression. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date or simply just meeting someone for the first time, most of us have learned that standing tall, being open and wearing a smile are simple but effective ways of communicating confidence. In dancing, these same things apply and are in fact, the foundation for good dancing and performance. People who learn dance early in life are much more likely to acquire body awareness that leads to good posture and positive body language.

3. Exercise and Fun

Go_Dance_Youth_Performance_swing dance

Our bodies were designed to move and there is little doubt that movement is good for us and makes us happy. This is especially true for kids and young people. The physical and mental benefits from dancing are well documented. Flexibility, stamina and strength are just a few a of the benefits kids can take away from dancing.

4. The Ability to Dance


While this one may seem self-evident, it’s worth pointing out that knowing how to dance is a valuable skill, especially once they start going to proms, school dances, etc. There are probably more than a few of us who remember slightly painful experiences of being asked to dance and not knowing how. How differently would you remember that experience if you had known how to dance? Knowing how to dance is a gift a kid will take with them throughout their life.

5. Dancing is Good for their Brain

Go_Dance_Youth_Performance_Salsa_Underarm Turn

Dancing combines music and movement, two activities that are already known to benefit cognition and learning in kids. Studies already show that movement and exercise “sparks new brain cells and their connections”(1).  On top of that, kids who dance are interacting with music as well as learning and memorizing choreography, providing them with a kind of, “full body workout”, for the mind.

(1)  Dancing to Learn: The Brain’s Cognition, Emotion, and Movement – Judith Lynne Hanna

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