The Storybook Wedding

Create a magical moment that will last forever – you and your new spouse moving together, as one, to your special song. This program will take you beyond your expectations with special patterns that will surprise and delight your guests! 18 Private Lessons $1026.00/1206.00 (additional sessions $57/67 each) Payment plans available

The Classic Wedding

Convey the warmth and love you have for each other with a personalized dance to your favorite song. 12 Private Lessons $684.00/804.00 (additional sessions $57/67 each) Payment plans available

The Wedding Express

Learn a variety of patterns to your favorite song; and make your special day beautiful and stress free! 6 Private Lessons $372.00/432.00 (additional sessions $57/67 each)

The Crash Course

Learn a few simple steps to go with your favorite song that will look and feel great! 3 Private Lessons $201.00/231.00 (additional sessions $57/67 each)

Additional Private Lessons

Add private lessons to your package to get a little final polishing for your first dance, or for your father/daughter, mother/son dances. $57 – $67 per lesson.

Group Classes

Want to learn additional dance styles for your reception or honeymoon? Add any of our group class packages to learn a variety of dances!