Shawntil was born and raised in Houston, Texas. For years, she spent her free time traveling all over the world and indulging in new, adventurous experiences such as bungee jumping and skydiving. Shawntil also studied Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for 10 years. Her love for solo dancing paved the way for her future as a partner dance instructor. For Shawntil, partner dancing became a positive way to connect with people, gain more confidence, and get into good shape. Dance truly changed her life. She lost weight and became more physically fit; she also began wearing fun dresses, heels, and embracing her own individuality as a dancer and person. Partner dancing was so fun and rewarding, she couldn’t help but get hooked! When it comes to dance styles, Shawntil admires the American Tango for its fiery passion and intensity. She also adores Blues, because of its freedom and room for expressiveness within movement. In 2012, Shawntil was elated to join the Go Dance staff.

“My favorite part of teaching is the ‘lightbulb moment’ when you know communication has been achieved, and you get to see a student apply what they’ve just learned.”

As an instructor, Shawntil emphasizes the importance of keeping dance fun. Although you can look forward to accomplishing a great deal in her lessons, she believes that having fun is one of the best things life has to offer, so learning to dance should be the same way. After a lesson with Shawntil, expect to be grinning from ear to ear. Shawntil’s positivity and genuine enthusiasm for dancing and people is evident every time she teaches.

Specialties: Beginners, Social Dancing, Wedding Couples

Teaches: Adults, Wedding Couples, Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Foxtrot, Ballroom Waltz, Country Waltz, Triple Two Step, Two Step, One Step, West Coast Swing, East Coat Swing, Social Swing, Lindy, Blues (Slow Dance)

Locations: South Austin

Private Lesson Tier: Standard Level Instructor