Freddy was born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. When Freddy was a child, his mother used to play Latin music; they would dance around the dinner table together every time a song she liked was played on the radio. Latin dancing is in Freddy’s blood! He also plays the drums and is an avid runner and mountain biker! His constant immersion in athletics as well as his music background has only strengthened his abilities as a dancer and an instructor. Freddy knew he was interested in taking dance classes when he saw a couple Two Step Dancing at Dallas Night Club. He was mesmerized by the way the man spun his partner, and the couple recommended Freddy try Go Dance. We’re glad Freddy took their advice, because he began taking classes at Go Dance in 2006. With his love for dance and previous experience teaching Photoshop classes at Austin Community College, becoming a Go Dance instructor was the perfect next step for Freddy. He completed two semesters of Go Dance instructor training prior to becoming an instructor in 2010.

“My favorite part of teaching is experiencing the excitement a student feels when they have executed a move or pattern they’ve just learned.”

Because Freddy knows what it’s like to be a student, he can relate to students who may feel slightly intimidated about dancing for the first time. Freddy knows how to make his students feel comfortable and confident; he understands that dancing is a process. Freddy genuinely loves teaching and is very passionate about Latin dancing. His friendly demeanor puts any student at ease, and his smile is contagious!

Specialties: Club Latin

Teaches: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Two Step, East Coast Swing, Social Swing, West Coast Swing

Locations: North Austin

Private Lesson Tier: Standard Level Instructor